System updates – Firefox and Email settings

Firefox has recently released a new version which has broken the rich text editors (with formatting, in work etc. records). Update 27/11/17 We have found the issue and updated Lamplight with a fix. (It turns out they fixed a very old bug that had it’s own workaround, rather than introduced a new one).

Email settings. The change to AWS means that to send emails you need to enter your email account information. We are no longer allowed to send email on your behalf. There is more information about this, and some guidelines on our blog. If you are having trouble with email settings, some quick pointers here for things that are causing problems:

  • Set overall email settings first, before trying to do it for individual staff.
  • The hostname will look something like or – it won’t have an @ in it
  • Port is usually 587 – don’t leave it blank
  • Authentication is usually login – don’t leave it blank
  • SSL type is usually TLS – you almost certainly shouldn’t leave it blank.
  • Username is very likely your email address
  • Password (for the SMTP email server) is very likely your password to your email account. (unless you use two-factor-authentication on your email).
  • Use the ‘test’ button in communications to send emails to yourself to see if it’s working
  • You usually need the ‘from’ email address in a communication to be the same as the email account you are sending through.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused some customers. There are some benefits: primarily that your email is much more likely to be received in inboxes, as it’s now coming from your email server, not ours (the mismatch between the ‘from’ address and the actual server sending the email means it’s more likely to be spam filtered).

It’s now possible to translate more of Lamplight to use your own terminology. This change has come due to the move to AWS. You make the changes in the same place (in system admin) but can do more…