New features – activity view templates

Activity view templatesΒ let you save the work > view > work filters as a template, a bit like report templates. You can set up as many templates as you need, which appear as sub-menu items. This will save you lots of time if you are frequently looking at a particular workarea or similar. Set them up in system admin.

We’ve introduced a new term that can be translated: activity. On the main menu we’ve had ‘work’ at the top level, but it also includes referrals, outcomes and so on. Activity covers all of these things – work is just work records. You won’t see any changes initially – the initial translation for activity is the same as for work – but you can go to system admin to change this.

Staff attending a work record can appear on home page diary items. This is a personal setting – you can change the text that appears using templates, and {staff_names} is a new item.

The way that deleted profiles in reports are treated has been clarified. By default, deleted profiles attending activity records will be included, as they always have been; there is now an option to limit the report to currently visible profiles only.

Other smaller changes:

  • Fix a bug with outcomes reports and how the date range was treated.
  • The password policy is explained better when changing your password.
  • New cases can start in the next year.
  • You’ll see a more informative error message if you see email errors.
  • There is a security feature in Lamplight to restrict operator access only to profiles that are ‘my users’. This can be turned on in global settings.