Want To Make Your Reporting More Effective?

Master meaningful work record reporting on our full-day, online deep dive course which equips you with the skills you need to run your output reports with confidence.


What Will I Learn?

Lamplight has the tools to achieve streamlined, relevant work record reporting but it’s just as important that you have the skills to know how to make that happen. There’s a best way to achieve this and we want to share the process with you right from data entry through to running the exact reports you need. By looking at the process in depth, you’ll achieve greater understanding of where in Lamplight you will find the answers that you need and you’ll gain clarity on the parts played by lists and data views.

Equipped with the knowledge you’ll learn across a full day, you will enjoy the benefit of having an effective work record reporting process that is fully adaptable to the evolving needs of your organisation. Successful work record reporting is particularly far reaching as work records are one of the main record types in Lamplight – The ability to analyse all things connected to work records is therefore highly important.

What Will The Day Involve?

You’ll spend the day with colleagues from across the sector and there will be time to discover independently, time to reflect, opportunities to actively participate and scope to create important connections with fellow participants. We’ll consider a variety of reporting scenarios from query searches to statistical reports to enhance your repertoire and reinforce your confidence.

Course Content:

  • Understanding data entry of work records
  • Viewing work records and creating activity templates
  • Creating lists based on work records
  • Creating data views based on work records
  • Running work record reports
  • Troubleshooting work record data
  • Enabling efficiency savings
  • Carrying out quality checks

What Will It Cost?

We’re pleased to be able to offer the Introductory price of £240 plus VAT per person which includes a 30 minute follow up session where you’ll have the chance to revisit your new skills 1:1 with a member of our team.

How Do I Book?

See below for dates for forthcoming courses, and email training@lamplightdb.co.uk to book. Please be aware that places are limited to ensure that you get the best learning experience.