Data Direct module – New Enhancement

We look at the benefits of adding the Data Direct module for your Evaluations and Outcomes to your system. We’re also excited to announce a new improvement to the module – which can help you get even more detail from your service users.

What Is the Data Direct module For And Is It Right For Me?

Having the ability to send your evaluation forms and outcome diagnostic tools electronically can help you reach out further and at a time that works for your service users.

The Data Direct module makes this possible: Your evaluation forms and outcomes measures can be sent to your service users online and become accessible to them on their computers, tablets, and phones so that they can respond wherever they are. Their responses return directly into your Lamplight system ready to be viewed and reported on.

We know that your face-to-face interactions are invaluable in the work you do but we hope that the ability to reach people no matter the situation is an additional layer of outreach that can help you as you make the difference you want to make.


Data Direct can extend the reach of your evaluation feedback and is an inclusive way of inviting the voice of multiple service users remotely. Evaluations can be made anonymous for general evaluation feedback or can be personalised to show in the profile of the respondent. You can invite the responses of any number of people in one campaign which can save you a lot of time!

This data will support your understanding of what your service users think of your service and ensure that their views are taken into consideration as you develop and evolve. NPC provide some helpful examples of the types of questions you might include in such surveys:

Do people enjoy the service? Rate it? Find it useful?

Would they recommend it to someone else?

What aspects do people rate the best/least?

What is the quality of relationship you establish with them?

How could the service be improved?


Here’s the new improvement! 

Data Direct now enables you to send out multiple diagnostic tools in a single campaign. This way service users can respond to the range of outcome measures which are relevant to them and may include any combination of measures you use to track their development and tailor support.

Here you may be using bespoke measures or those from Triangle Outcome Stars which have versions of the Star tailored to the needs of your sector and the service users you support.

211004 Outcomes radar chart report 2 (1)

Try The Module Free For One Month

As with all our modules you can trial the Data Direct Module free for one month and it will cost £5 (+VAT) per month if you choose to keep it. To start a free trial, go to system admin > your account > add or remove modules or projects > and tick the data direct module box. You’ll then have access to help resources showing you how to use the module, so once switched on in your system, visit The Hub for resources and tutorials.