Welcoming our newest apprentice to the Lamplight team permanently

On completion of his apprenticeship as Digital Support Technician (Firebrand Training), we’re delighted that Sam Rimmer has agreed to remain with Lamplight.

Conducted remotely from 2020 to 2022, the broad purpose of this apprenticeship was to maximise the effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software, digital communications, including collaborative technologies, and digital information systems to achieve objectives. Sam completed this qualification alongside his work at Lamplight. He now joins the team as Technical Support & Community Builder.

Libby Brookes, Lamplight’s Data Migration Manager and Sam’s Manager throughout his apprenticeship, said:

‘We were really excited to bring an apprentice into our business, and Sam didn’t disappoint. He’s always been ready to learn and get involved in different parts of Lamplight, bringing his own insights and ideas. It’s particularly impressive that he did this at a time when we were going through a pandemic, so he’s never worked from an office, and has yet to meet most of his colleagues. This is a great testament to his own personal work ethic and commitment.’

We are thrilled for Sam on his qualification and look forward to helping him develop his skills as he continues his journey with Lamplight.