Introducing The New Audit Module

The Audit Module is a dependable way of knowing that you can retrieve reliable data about all events that occur within your Lamplight system. Having a log of all activity in Lamplight means that when needed, you and your team can confirm the exact dates and times that views or updates have been made in your system and by whom.

What is the Audit Module used for and is it right for me?

This module has been created based on the feedback and requirement needs of charities we work with. When managing sensitive data alongside multiple system operators, we know that charities like yours:

  • May have information security requirements to log all activity within your system
  • Could need additional reassurance about data confidentiality
  • Might require a full log of operator activity to help you comply with quality standards
  • Would find it useful to retrace activity to catch unexpected errors or accidental deleted records

The Audit Module logs the detail of all activity on a read-only, searchable register that can be viewed at any time by those with system administrator access. It will detail every action carried out within your Lamplight system including the log in times, views or edits to records and it will list any instances of deleted items.

Providing you with clear records

When you view the logs recorded by the Audit Module you’ll see the most recent actions that have taken place in your system. This is listed by time, operator, subject and ID (if relevant). You can search these logs in the usual way in Lamplight – by using the ‘filter’ function.  You can search by:

  • Time and date of the action
  • Type of record or action involved
  • Related system operator
  • Record ID

Try the module free for one month

As with all our modules you can trial the Audit Module free for one month and it will cost £5 (+VAT) per month if you choose to keep it. To start a free trial, go to system admin > your account > add or remove modules or projects > and tick the audit module box. You’ll then immediately start recording your system’s activity, and will have access to help resources showing you how to use the module as well as full details of how the log data is stored, so once switched on in your system, visit The Hub for resources and tutorials.

Questions about the module?
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