5 Signs you could benefit from bespoke training

High quality bespoke training can massively benefit you and your team. Lamplight have been training busy customers for over 20 years – and we have the expertise you need to get the most out of your system. If you experience any of the following, let us help you get back on track with the skills you need. 

1. There's only one Lamplight lead in your organisation

When you find those in your organisation have to ask only one member of staff for Lamplight advice, this can be frustrating for all involved, and cause unnecessary delays when seeking answers to questions. Training multiple staff at once is an effective way to resolve this. 

‘A fantastic session and we all came away with so much learning. Couldn’t be more delighted!’ – Maundy Relief 

2. Staff turnover has resulted in a skills gap

Losing skills and experience when people leave your organisation is a shame. Counteract this and improve internal knowledge for your new recruits and volunteers. You can book both individual and team training with Lamplight.

3. You're struggling with a certain area – like dreading your monthly reporting

When you repeat a task less often (for example, monthly instead of everyday data entry), it’s difficult to recall the knowledge. If you need a refresher, we hold two hour bitesize sessions on lists and reporting, and even a whole day focused on record reporting.

(We’ve also launched the brand new Report Support Service – for those who would benefit from Lamplight producing your reports for you!)

‘Lamplight has made my life SO much easier, it’s fantastic!’   Kindred Scotland 

4. You've just switched on a module

This can be a tricky time. Modules can affect the rest of your system so making sure that your team is aware of any impact is important. You also want to use your shiny new module to the best of its capability! (We’re launching specific training on modules very soon.) 

5. Your last training session feels like a distant memory

The confidence that training brings is well documented. If your last round of training wasn’t very recent, or you’ve not experienced any directly from our experts, we guarantee you’ll benefit from booking some in for yourself or your team.

‘It was tremendously helpful and not the 7 headed monster I imagined it to be!
– Waterloo Community Counselling

We offer bespoke training in all areas, catering to what it is you want to improve on.
Our aim is to increase your confidence and make sure we’re equipping you with the skills you need, giving you more time to focus on what you do best – making a difference.

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