Announcing the New ‘Report Support Service’

Report support service

Use our expertise to free up yours

Want expertly run reports but don’t have capacity in-house? We’re here to help.

Save your staff time and resources with the new Report Support Service – where we can do your reporting for you. We’re specialists in Lamplight and we will take care of your reporting as your very own dedicated expert.

Is It right for us?

It’s no surprise that Small Charities Data found, over a five-year period, that the greatest challenge small charities faced was their workload. We know the value of your time, especially as demand for your services rise.

And if, like over two thirds of small charities, you do not have someone leading on digital, we understand that finding the time for reporting can be very difficult. With this service you can rest assured that your reporting is in hand – so you can use the time you’ve saved where it is needed most.

How does it work?

Getting your custom quote

A discussion of your needs and a direct quote, based on the amount of reporting you need.

Getting to know your reporting needs 

We’ll get to know you, your organisation, your services and your reporting needs. For a smooth start, we’ll work with you to check that your data input is where it needs to be for producing high quality reports.
If there’s a need for improvement in this area we will offer suggestions to support this process.

Understanding what reports you need – and how often you need them

We’ll get to know the particular reports you need and your timescales. Once you’re ready, we’ll take over your reporting as agreed and provide you with the precise reports you need, exactly when you need them.

Weekly check ins for your first month

For the first month, we’ll catch up with you weekly so that the handover is thorough, providing the opportunity to work through any initial questions we each have.

Monthly check in

Once we’re up and running we’ll meet monthly for the first quarter to keep up communications and to support the process before checking in quarterly.

We understand that annual leave of key staff and busy periods can bring added pressure to your reporting deadlines and their workload on return. With the Report Support Service, two members of our team will know your reporting needs so you can be confident that your deadlines will be met.

Flexible pricing

You’ll pay for the reports you need in relation to the number of questions that will be asked of Lamplight.

The price for the service will therefore depend on the numbers of questions you need for each report and how often you need your reports running. (As a guide, if we run ten quarterly reports the service will cost less than £100 per month.)

Talk to us

If you’d benefit from this service and would like to work out a quote, or discuss your options - please email Clare Elgar to express your interest in the first instance at

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