GDPR system update

GDPR compliance update. We’ve changed the terms used in Lamplight. Previously ‘deleting’ a profile would actually archive it: it would still exist in the background. We have changed the label for this, so it is now ‘archive’, which more accurately reflects what is happening. We have also added the ability to restrict a profile from processing, which is a requirement under the GDPR (which comes into force in May). We’ve also added a new page to our main website about GDPR which we will update over the next weeks to support you in your GDPR compliance.

If you do need to delete profiles, you’ll need to use the ‘Permanent deletion’ functionality in the system admin main menu (which only system admins can do).

If you need to document the data you’re collecting in Lamplight (which you probably will for GDPR compliance) you can download the key settings in Lamplight into a spreadsheet – again in system admin > File transfer.

There is a new security mechanism which locks operators out of the system after 10 failed login attempts. Accounts can be unlocked by system administrators. System admins can also lock accounts if you need to suspend access without deleting the login completely.

If you’re using the ‘my user’ restriction, you can automatically make profiles added by operators ‘their user’ – so Lamplight will create a ‘my user’ relationship between the operator and the new profile. This means that lower-access rights operators can then edit details of the profiles they’ve just created. If you want to use this you’ll need to turn it on in system admin > global settings > security.

There are a load more tags you can use on diary page templates. For example, you can now see the subworkarea, location, and case name (amongst others) on each item in your diary. This is a personal setting, so change it in admin > personal settings.

A couple of bug-fixes:

  • Case information in a group data view no longer shows cases from other projects. You’ll need to edit the group data view itself for this change to take effect.
  • Borough and ward details are no longer being blanked out (from address lookups) when you edit the name of a profile. The system admin > geocode function will replace any that had been.