Top tips for customers to help them use Lamplight

Time to do a Security check-up?

Every now and again it’s sensible to do a system security check-up. We’d suggest starting with: In Lamplight you’ll find all of these in System Admin > Database Operators and Security: More generally, this update from the NCSC highlights the risks to charities from phishing and ransomware, and links through to the free support available …

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New Safeguarding Module

Managing your Safeguarding processes can be difficult. There’s a lot of information. It’s got to be confidential, but able to be shared. You need to make sure concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. Because it’s really important you get it right.  It’s coming… the new Lamplight Safeguarding module.  Launching 27th March.  We have a small number …

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Free System Admin Webinar

Take a look under the bonnet of Lamplight with our FREE Webinar on System Administration, at 10:30 on the 23rd of February. Join Rusel and Claire from the Implementation and Training team for an introduction to some key system admin topics. They’ll show how you can mould your own system and stay ahead of new …

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Non Profit Tech news

Read all about recent tech changes and how it might impact the voluntary sector. We’ve started a bi-monthly newsletter, available on LinkedIn. Read about AI, and how you might start to save time with Chat GPT. We talk about the closure of Amazon Smile (now Amazon Sad?) and some alternatives. If you’re on Twitter you …

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#ChristmasGif – Keyboard shortcuts

#keyboardshortcuts for Lamplight. Turn them on in personal settings and whizz round the system. Alt + (number) = switch tabsAlt + s = search Main menu shortcuts depend on what you call things in your system, but they are all Alt + (letter).

#ChristmasGif – tags!

Without tags on your gifts there would be chaos! Do the same with your lists, groups, data views, and waiting lists. The video shows you how easy it is to add them, and search for them. So tidy things up and get adding tags. Check the launch blog post for more info on setup.

Do you make time to tweak?

I once spent a summer working in an orange juice factory, screwing the caps on bottles, sorting the fruit, lugging boxes around, that sort of thing. One day we ran out of the usual cardboard boxes and had to use these boxes that were too big for the bottles. But the lines kept running, the …

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Read All About It!

OK, you may have done already. Our customer newsletter hit the email doormats last Friday but if you’re one of the unlucky ones that haven’t subscribed yet, you can catch up here: Learn about new features in the system, upcoming training, webinars and support, and a report on the Charity Digital Skills Report. You …

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