System Admin handbook update

Have you discovered our System Administrator’s handbook yet? We have just updated it to include more on lockouts, two factor authentication and merging duplicate profiles. Why not take a look? You can find it here.

System updates

We’ve been working on a series of smaller changes that will hopefully make lives easier: You can use {case_summary_time} in templates on case button templates in global settings. If you link an outcome record to a case, all the other outcomes for that person and date/time will be linked to the same case too. You …

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On 25 May 2018 most processing of personal data by organisations will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.  You will need to do some work to ensure that you comply.  This is not legal advice; you may need to seek specialist advice from a third party to help you.  We hope that …

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GDPR system update

GDPR compliance update. We’ve changed the terms used in Lamplight. Previously ‘deleting’ a profile would actually archive it: it would still exist in the background. We have changed the label for this, so it is now ‘archive’, which more accurately reflects what is happening. We have also added the ability to restrict a profile from …

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Responding to Tenders

When you’re looking for a new system, you’ll probably draw up a list of what you need. You’ll have a list of functional requirements, you’ll want to know about security, support, and about the supplier. And you’ll want to know about the cost. We have always tried hard to be really transparent about all these …

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New System Administrators’ Handbook

For all system administrators – we have put together a new handbook showing how to use your system admin powers effectively! It includes advice and instructions on how to delete an old database operators, Anal Beads insert new custom fields in profiles and activity records, set up a report template, merge duplicate profiles – and …

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