News about system updates for customers

The News Is Moving

Yes that’s right. No more messages here. Inside your system we can only show you messages you need to see. We can translate them into your terminology. And hopefully a bit less easy to miss. Moving date: next week…

System update: address history, Retain Until

This will be one of the last messages we put here on the home page… As you may have seen from our latest newsletter, these messages will soon appear on your home page after you’ve logged in.

Lamplight updates 20th June

There have been some updates overnight on the 19th/20th June which have caused problems for some users. We’ve carried out further updates this morning and believe that these are now resolved. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused. One of the issues was related to some over-zealous application of ‘my user’ restrictions, preventing admins from accessing …

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Small Charity Week – This week!

Small Charity Week is 19th – 23rd June , a week celebrating the massive impact small charities have in our communities, and providing a bunch of resources to support you and your work. There are a ton of free and cheap events through the week – it’s not too late to book on now.

Trying a 9 day fortnight

At Lamplight we’ve always embraced flexible working, and may of us work patterns that work best for us. From May we’re taking that a step further a trialling a 9-day fortnight, which we hope is a stepping stone towards a 4 day week. As a team there will also be plenty of us around – …

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System updates 26/4/2023

We know there have been a few times recently when you may have been unceremoniously logged out. This has been down to some sudden large influxes of traffic that clog up the systems that manage logins and identity. We’ve been making changes to these to try and improve things, and a further set of changes …

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